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Friday, 16 March 2018

Skill training for Jail Inmates in the State gets a boost : Meeting held between RSLDC and Jail Authorities to make skilling aspirational

(Report Exclusive.)Jaipur.  According to a survey, as on 31st December, 2014, there were 1,387 functioning jails in India with a total capacity to house 3, 56,561 prisoners but over-crowded by 4,18,536, many of them with trials languishing in jails for years. It is a common knowledge that without emotional and financial support to lead a productive and satisfying life, many of these first-time criminals, victims of circumstances, would turn into hardened criminals. 

In this context, Rajasthan Skill and Livelihoods Development Corporation (RSLDC) has played a pioneering role in training the inmates of the State on some vocations that would allow them to lead a life of dignity and self-respect.The Regular Skill Training Program (RSTP) run by the Department is one such step dedicated especially to cover the untouched fragments of the society such as the Jail Inmates. The Jail inmates receive training in a variety of trades such as Vermin-culture and Vermin-composting, Nursery Management, Electrical House wiring and Jewellery making inside the jail campusand many more such trades to choose from.

Such trainings not only provide the former inmates a reason for living a life but also help them forget their dark past. To discuss and understand the problems faced by the training partners while imparting skill training to the jail inmates and to make skill training aspirational among them, a meeting was held yesterday between the Jail Authorities, RSLDC Officials and its Training Partners at Kaushal Bhawan, Jaipur. Chairing the meeting, Sh. Krishna Kunal, Commissioner and Special Secretary, Department of Skills, Employment and Entrepreneurshipcum Managing Director, RSLDC said “bringing these wayward prisoners to the mainstream had not been an easy task. The isolated existence of the prison takes a heavy toll on life and its values. There are behavioral issues among these inmates whether their crime is genuine or fake. Once incarnated from their families, they do not open up with the trainers. Not surprisingly, most of them have given up on life and hope. 

They do not find a motive to live and hence the reason to learn a trade or profession does not appeal to them easily.The initiative of skill training of jail inmates by RSLDCthrough its RSTP Scheme (Regular Skill Training Program) has been conducted in collaboration with the jail management of the jails, juvenile homes and nariniketans of 9 districts of Rajasthan including Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota, Bhilwara and Chittorgarh. More than 890 jail inmates have been trained through the initiative in Rajasthan from 2015-18 through the initiative. The jail management has shown tremendous zeal in counseling and mobilization of inmates. The convicted inmates are provided training in courses of Vermin-Culture and VerminComposting, Nursery Management, Electrical House Wiring and Jewellery making inside the jail campus, due to security reasons. For Jail Inmates and Juvenile Homes, RSLDC has forged an effective partnership with Prayas Juvenile Aid Society (JAC), Sarthak Educational Trust, Dhara Foundation, Jagran Professional Studies,Vidhya Kiran Education Society, besides others for training in sectors like Agriculture and Horticulture, Bridal Jewellery Making, Garment Making, Indian Sweets and Snacks, Paper Macey, Electrical, Candle Making, Jute Diversified Products and Beauty Culture and Hair Dressing.It is because of this initiative that one woman inmate has been able to fetch quality placement and is earning as high as INR 16,000 per month." Adding further, Sh. Kunal said “since jail is a is very sensitive area, thus there are often many challenges faced regarding mobilization of the jail inmates, availability of good trainers ready to impart training inside the jail premises, certification and assessment ,availability of proper areas and related facilities inside the jail to conduct such training programmes, , etc. It thus becomes imperative to bring in more synergy between the trainers, training partners and jail authorities for streamlining such training programmes.

 Also a need for counseling the inmates before or during the training program was identified so that they could be better prepared and a proper screening could be conducted. “ Speaking on the same, Dr. Bhupendra Singh, ADG Jail said “It is because of the various skilling initiatives taken up by RSLDC and the never tiring efforts of its Training Partners thatthe inmates serving their terms in the jail have not only been mobilisied for wage employment but have also got largely motivated for self-employment. Many jail inmates after receiving such trainings have been able to earn descent livelihood for themselves, some of whom have also opened up their own manufacturing units, thus promoting entrepreneurship in the State.The Jail authorities will extend complete support to RSLDC and its Training Partners to conduct such trainings inside the jail campusin the future too and is also open to incorporate novice tradesto make skilling more aspirational for the jail inmates.” In the meeting was also present Sh. Rupinder Singh, IG, Jail, Sh. Rajeev Garg, Superintendent, Central Jail,Jaipur alongwithSuperintendent, Women’s Central Jail,Jaipur.  

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